Equipment factories shut down due to the coronavirus crisis

Friday April 03 2020 by Vitisphere

 A Pellenc production line in Pertuis. A Pellenc production line in Pertuis. - Photo credit : Vincent Gobert

The Case New Holland Industrial group made a radical decision on Friday March 20 when it announced the shutdown of all its European production facilities for 2 weeks. The shutdown mainly involves production of agricultural and vineyard machinery and is the logical next step following announcements of plant closures by other manufacturers, such as German firm Clemens. France’s Pellenc, however, is not closing but scaling back its production facilities, saying it is focusing on “repairing spring tools”. Numerous other manufacturers, both large and small, agricultural and viticultural are closing their businesses. The two main reasons for the shut-downs are that they don’t want to put their employees’ health at risk, and also that suppliers are also gradually stopping their activity, forcing manufacturers to shut down their production lines. The manufacturers’ and importers’ organisation, Axema, is concerned about the production stoppages. “The closure of industrial facilities one after the other poses a major threat to the supply of agricultural equipment and the continuity of farming just as spring tasks are getting underway”, commented Alain Savary, Axema's managing director. For the time being, some manufacturers such as Chabas are continuing their activity and are having their equipment delivered by carrier. Equipment can also be picked up at the entrance to the facilities.

Distribution is adapting

At dealerships and equipment distributors, generally speaking it’s business as usual. This type of firm was listed in the 15 March decree giving them special permission to remain open. But companies are adapting. The Jarny group in the Loire Valley, for instance, decided to shut its shop and workshop to the public on March 16.


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