5,000 euros for a combination of 18-carat gold and 50-year-old Cognac

Monday March 09 2020 by Vitisphere

A bead 8 millimetres in diameter is set within the ring.A bead 8 millimetres in diameter is set within the ring. - Photo credit : DR

With Cognac enthusiasts squarely in their sights, the Charente-based firm A. de Fussigny and Bordeaux jeweller Arvin Créations are marketing ten gold signet rings set with a blown glass bead containing a few drops of 1970 brandy. These made to measure 18-carat gold rings contain 0.2 millilitres of Petite Champagne Cognac, and retail for around 5,000 euros each. “It is difficult to specify the price, as the ring can be customised and released in all our international markets (at variable import costs)”, explained A. de Fussigny Cognacs.

Offered to a selection of hand-picked customers by A. de Fussigny Cognac importers at the beginning of March, the ten signet rings have as yet no known buyers. Each ring will be sold with a bottle of 1970 Petite Champagne (marketed for 500 euros without the ring). Posting turnover of 8.6 million euros, trading company A. de Fussigny sells 100,000 cases of Cognac each year, primarily in the American, European and Russian markets.





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