Millésime Bio announces a 10.5% increase in visitor numbers

Tuesday February 04 2020 by Vitisphere

The 27th Millésime BioThe 27th Millésime Bio - Photo credit : Anne Schoendoerffer

The 27th Millésime Bio exhibition in Montpellier welcomed 6,850 visitors over three days, an increase of 10.5% overall and 8% for international visitors compared to the previous show; the ratio of French to export visitors was 80% to 20%. A majority of exhibitors - all 1,300 of them, one hundred more than last year - say they are very satisfied with this year’s event. The new counters only added to the appeal, receiving a unanimous seal of approval. Practical, appealing and reusable, they replaced the traditional white tablecloths.

An excellent tool for the trade

We are so lucky to have this international trade fair in Montpellier. It positions Languedoc as the world leader in organic winegrowing”, said Nathalie Caumette, winegrower at Domaine de l’Ancienne Mercerie and chair of the Faugères producers’ organisation. She added: “The exhibition is not going to change the context of the sector but it is a very good tool to work with. Its highly professional organisation shows that the organic industry is not resting on its laurels and is successfully managing its growth”.

Highly professional visitors

We've done very well. Look at the number of empty bottles we have in front of our stand!” said Lisa from Domaine des Pothiers in the Loire Valley. Françoise Ollier from Domaine Ollier-Taillefer in Faugères commented: “Buyers are more and more professional. They prepare well in advance for the show. They know before they come which estates they are going to see”. Matthieu, winegrower at Domaine Léon Boesch in Alsace, added: “We don't even have time to chat. There is a constant flow of people”. Jan Matthias Klein from the Staffelter Hof estate in Germany meets importers from all over the world (USA, Asia, Scandinavia...) at the exhibition. He announced with a big smile “this is the best show I do. I'm quitting Prowein”.





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