Burgundy winegrowers up in arms at Inao

Monday February 03 2020 by Vitisphere

The Burgundy producers’ organisation is chaired by Brunot Verret, a winegrower in Yonne.The Burgundy producers’ organisation is chaired by Brunot Verret, a winegrower in Yonne. - Photo credit : DR

On 19 December, the Burgundy regional appellations association and the winegrowers’ organisation CAVB were informed of a project by a board of enquiry appointed by INAO to delineate the Burgundy appellation area. The board plans to exclude 64 localities, i.e. 7,000 ha, including 5,500 ha of planted vines, encompassing all localities in Chablis (except Préhy), 6 around Dijon and all of the Châtillon area, i.e. 23 localities. “The plans are based on the lack of continuous use of the appellation in these areas, in other words continuous production of Burgundy over the last 10 years. In these particular vineyards, the appellation is produced in addition to other appellations, and so not every year. Conversely, belonging to the historic region of Burgundy is no longer a criterion”, said organisation director Guillaume Willette, expressing his astonishment.

43 localities in Beaujolais, situated in the Rhone department, could on the other hand join the appellation area: 19, located in the Beaujolais growths, could produce Burgundy-Gamay and 24 others, in southern Beaujolais, “generic” Burgundy.

Demonstration in Paris

The criteria are inconsistent and no good”, summarized Willette. Attempts to discuss and negotiate the issues by producers’ representatives in recent weeks have not succeeded in changing the board’s mind, and it refuses to take their arguments on board. The next National Inao Committee meeting on February 6 is due to hear the report by the board of enquiry.

Burgundy winegrowers are extremely annoyed and have planned to demonstrate outside Inao headquarters in Montreuil on the same day. “They intend to remind Inao members that they are there to defend the concept of ‘Appellation d'Origine’ and show respect for the individual identities of the two wine regions: Beaujolais is produced in Beaujolais and Burgundy in Burgundy”, said the organisation. Briefings and meetings to rally winegrowers are also currently taking place across the region.

A petition has also been launched.





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