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Millésime Bio transitions towards the digital era

By Vitisphere January 22, 2020
Millésime Bio transitions towards the digital era
The Sudvinbio team with Jean-Louis Cazaubon, vice-chairman of the Occitania Regional Council charged with agriculture. - crédit photo : Michèle Trévoux

udvinbio is not resting on its laurels. Buoyed by the success of organic wines in France and other countries worldwide, the Occitania organic wine marketing board aims to further boost the attractiveness of Millésime Bio. From its low-key origins in 1993, the exhibition – “the only one in the world organised by winegrowers”, points out Patrick Guiraud, chairman of the Millésime Bio committee - has established itself as the only international venue for organic wines, beer and spirits. The exhibition goes from strength to strength and despite opening an extra hall and welcoming 100 more exhibitors, once again some one hundred winegrowers on the waiting list will have to wait until the next show to exhibit their wines. This year's event will cover a floor space of 24,000 m2, with 1,300 exhibitors, 30% of whom are from Occitania and 25% from foreign countries.

No more white tablecloths  

To further boost the attractiveness of the show, Sudvinbio is announcing a host of new features, the most noticeable of which is the newly designed exhibition fittings and fixtures. The plain table covered with a white tablecloth, which was identical for all exhibitors and one of the exhibition’s hallmark features, is being replaced by a brand new wooden counter with a compact laminate top (made from brown paper) and high stools. “We wanted a user-friendly space to make it more comfortable for visitors and exhibitors”, says Jeanne Fabre, a member of the Sudvinbio board. The change represents an investment of €1 million for the 1,300 counters ordered this year.

Millésime Bio opens on Monday 27 January at 10 am at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre. 7,000 visitors are expected to attend the 27th exhibition.




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