CVG plays to its strengths and launches a 10.5% ABV Sauvignon

Wednesday December 18 2019 by Vitisphere

Xavier Lopez and Eric Lanxade believe “the wine industry needs more innovation”.Xavier Lopez and Eric Lanxade believe “the wine industry needs more innovation”. - Photo credit : Sharon Nagel

We want to gravitate towards a world where the talk is about value and not price”, said CVG process manager Xavier Lopez, right off the bat at this year’s World Bulk Wine Exhibition in Amsterdam at the start of the month. “To achieve this, we are aiming to get as close as possible to current market trends, namely palatability and wellness”. A trip to New Zealand at the beginning of the year provided the final incentive for Eric Lanxade, sales director for the South-West France co-operative group, to follow the New Zealand wine industry’s lead and reduce alcohol content in Sauvignon blanc naturally, by 3 or 4 points. “We have vineyard sites that lend themselves to this, offering naturally low alcohol content, ripe aromatics and restrained acidity”, he stressed, comparing the resultant wines with the New Zealand style. During the 2019 harvest, ten hectares were identified as being suitable for producing wines with an ABV of 10% and winemaking techniques were adjusted accordingly. Ultimately the wines came in with an ABV of 10.5% but this should decrease as the techniques become more finely-tuned. “We worked with Nyseos in Montpellier to create a database featuring key parameters to understand how aromas are synthesised and to select the appropriate fruit”, explained Lopez. CVG also used its own database which has been built up through years of research and aims to identify the best plots for each style of wine.





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