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Winegrowers are the most socially active farmers

Commissioned by Vitisphere and conducted by Datagri, the Vitinaute survey presented on 27 November at the Sitevi exhibition reveals that social media is popular with winegrowers.
Par Vitisphere Le 13 décembre 2019
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Winegrowers are the most socially active farmers
Mickaël Ménager, marketing director of the NGPA group: “Interestingly, 65.8% of respondents have a social media account?.

or the first time ever, Vitisphere and Datagri, an expert in agricultural and viticultural research, have published a trends barometer on connected wineries which they presented jointly at Sitevi in Montpellier on 26 November. The study, which involved 360 French winegrowers, aimed to gauge use of the Internet by winegrowers. One interesting finding is that winegrowers are particularly active on social media, much more so than farmers at large. “Interestingly, 65.8% of respondents have a social media account. A similar study conducted among farmers (Ed: Agrinautes 2019) showed that just 57% of farmers say they use social media in a personal or professional capacity”, said Mikaël Ménager, director of the NGPA group (the media group to which Vitisphere belongs). Winegrowers are also much more engaged than the French population in general. According to a 2018 Credoc study, 59% of the French use social media. Importantly, age is a significant divider with the under-35s over-represented in social media usage.

Facebook, the most popular social media

Not surprisingly, Facebook is the social platform most used by winegrowers. 47.5% of the winegrowers surveyed are personally active and 39.7% are professionally active. Then comes Instagram with a slightly higher professional usage (18.3% of winegrowers surveyed) than personal (15% of winegrowers surveyed).




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