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Full house for Vinexpo and Wine Paris in 2020

By Vitisphere December 09, 2019
Full house for Vinexpo and Wine Paris in 2020
Among the international visitors to Wine Paris, the countries targeted by Comexposium are the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. - crédit photo : Wine Paris 2019 (Comexposium/Nicolas Revelli Beaumont pour Vélo)

ombined for the first time ever, Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris will house 2,800 stands from 10 to 12 February 2020 at the Paris-Versailles exhibition centre (including 500 international exhibitors in a shared area). “We're sold out! Located in three halls*, Wine Paris will bring together 2,200 exhibitors (+10% compared to the first event in 2019). We have set up a waiting list (with about forty companies for the moment)”, announced Pascale Ferranti, director of Wine Paris (Comexposium), at a press conference on 3 December in Paris.

As the co-organiser of this first joint exhibition, Ferranti claimed its “collective ambition is reflected in its substantial attendance. The most important figure is the 34% of new exhibitors. Buyers are always telling us that they are looking for something new, and this is a source of attractiveness”. The same applies to Vinexpo, which has told Vitisphere that it has filled its floor space and turned away additional exhibitors. With a shared entry badge (and the same admission fee of 20 euros in advance and 40 on the day), Vinexpo and Wine Paris are expecting 30,000 trade visitors to attend over three days.

Challenging ProWein

Showcasing the full range of French wine regions and a diverse international line-up, Vinexpo and Wine Paris combined have expressed their determination to topple the international leader in commercial events for the industry - ProWein. “ProWein is the leading trade fair today, but its model is no longer suitable. French wines are disseminated across the show. We want to create a bastion for them and restore their image. Our goal is not to attract 8,000 exhibitors. If it was, we would have failed in our mission”, said Pierre Clément, chairman of the Cool Climate Wine Regions’ association (VinoVision Paris).



* The joint exhibition will be held in three halls. Hall 7.1 will house Vinexpo Paris and the international exhibitors at Vinexpo and Wine Paris; Halls 4 and 6 will be for Wine Paris (the first under the ViniSud banner and the second VinoVision).


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