Nomacorc announces the release of grape-based stoppers in 2020

Wednesday December 04 2019 by Vitisphere

The Smart Green and Classic Green stoppers now have a zero carbon footprint.The Smart Green and Classic Green stoppers now have a zero carbon footprint.

We plan to launch a Nomacorc stopper made from grape pomace in 2020”, said Olav Aagaard, vice-president of Vinventions' R&D department, at the opening of Sitevi in Montpellier on November 26. The stopper, which will be called Grappe Line, will likely be showcased in Bordeaux during the next Vinitech, promised Aagaard.

0 carbon footprint

Until the bio-sourced stopper, which is part of a dynamic circular economy, is released, Nomacorc has also announced a new innovation for its Green Line range of stoppers made from sugar cane. Classic Green and Smart Green are now certified carbon neutral by the certification company TUV. “Our two top-of-the-range caps, the Reserva and Select Green, already had a carbon-neutral footprint. Now, the entire Green Line range has a zero carbon footprint”, said Vinventions' communications director Caroline Thomas. “This carbon neutral certification will not affect the price”, stressed Aagaard.




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