Plans for a ‘Cité des vins et des climats’ in Beaune unveiled

Friday November 15 2019 by Vitisphere

Plans for the future Burgundy ‘Cité des vins et des climats’ which will be built in Beaune starting 2020Plans for the future Burgundy ‘Cité des vins et des climats’ which will be built in Beaune starting 2020 - Photo credit : DR

Plans selected by the Beaune (Côte d'Or) town council for the future ‘Cité des vins et des climats’ were recently unveiled. The company Rougeot, in conjunction with Siz-Ix architects, won the public procurement tender launched by Beaune town council. The focal point of the project, designed by architect Emmanuelle Andreani, is a 21-metre high cylindrical building, “inspired by a vine tendril wrapped around the trellising wire”.

A cost of €10.5 million 

The building’s footprint will total 1,100 m², topped by a green roof containing approximately 1,600 m2 of vines. The ground floor will house discovery areas, a bookshop, a café and a reception area to guide visitors. The first floor will be dedicated to seminars and sensory tastings, the second to training and conferences and the third to offices. On the 4th floor, visitors will find a bar and a reception lounge and finally, on the 5th floor there will be a viewing terrace.  The building will be set amidst 10 hectares of wooded grounds. Work will begin in the summer of 2020 and be completed in time for the 2021 wine auction.

Unlike plans for wine centres in Mâcon and Chablis, which are managed by the Burgundy wine marketing board BIVB, the Beaune project is promoted by the namesake town as part of a “wider community project”. It is expected to cost a total of €10.5 million. The admission target is 150,000 visitors a year.







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