Xi Jinping prefers Languedoc wine

Wednesday November 13 2019 by Vitisphere

 The two presidents tasting the wines on November 5. The two presidents tasting the wines on November 5. - Photo credit : CIVL

At the official opening of the international exhibition of imported products on November 5 with French President Emmanuel Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping tasted three wines - a Bordeaux, a Burgundy and a Languedoc - each paired with three types of French meat: Charolais, Salers and Limousine. Xi Jinping admitted he preferred the Languedoc wine (AOC La Clape, Domaine de l'Hospitalet, Gérard Bertrand) paired with Salers meat.

13 million bottles of Languedoc appellations

Miren de Lorgeril, chair of the Languedoc wine marketing board, who welcomed the Chinese and French presidents to the Languedoc stand, was understandably delighted and proud to see her region’s wines appeal to the Chinese presidential palate. She publicised the event on a Facebook post, followed by a press release sent a few hours later to the media. It sent out a strong message to France’s two leading appellations regarding Languedoc’s potential in China. The press release stressed that 13 million bottles of Languedoc appellation wines are shipped to the country every year. The region still has a long way to go before it matches Bordeaux’s 1.9 million hl in 2018... But will the Chinese president’s tastes set a precedent and energise future sales of Languedoc wines? It isn’t hard to imagine that Miren de Lorgeril is dreaming they will.




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