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Champagne marketing campaign proves successful with wine merchants

Par Vitisphere Le 12 novembre 2019
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Champagne marketing campaign proves successful with wine merchants
Launched two years ago, the SGV communications campaign is showing proven results with its priority target audience of 25/45 year-olds. - crédit photo : SGV

he impact results of the second wave of PR and marketing by the Champagne winegrowers’ association (SGV) were presented on 5 November. “They are similar to last year's”, said SGV board member tasked with marketing and PR, Maxime Blin. “There was less of an element of surprise because this is the second campaign, but we still have a good feeling about our target audience of 25-45 year-olds”. The wave of posters and press insertions took place in June and September, carrying the strapline “Champagne, keep it for any occasion”. The campaign was also rolled out on social media (Instagram and Facebook) where it posted 25 million impressions and on Youtube (3.3 million views).

52% increase in sales at wine merchants

One of the new features for 2019 was to get closer to point of sale by asking 50 wine merchants from 16 different towns and cities to display one of the visuals in their windows for a week. “The wine merchants saw their sales increase by 52% on average over the week”, said Blin. “This confirms that having a presence in the last few metres at point of sale is really impactful”.

The second wave is part of a three-year communications plan costing €4 million a year. It will be repeated in 2020 with the same visuals. The question is whether the plan will continue beyond those three years. “We will see what winegrowers and the board decide to do after 2020”, stated Blin, “but we can’t really change drinking habits in just three years”.




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