Moderate increase in the price of Champagne grapes

Friday November 01 2019 by Vitisphere

 The upward trend in grape prices continues in Champagne. The upward trend in grape prices continues in Champagne. - Photo credit : CC0 Creative Commons

The price of a kilo of grapes in Champagne is expected to rise by 0 to 2% and range from €6.20 to €7.20 /kg. “The trend is one of caution”, commented Franck Hagard, co-chairman of the Champagne brokers’ organisation. “Leading firm MHCS is likely to increase its prices from 5 to 15 c/kg”. His colleague Eric Cossiez shares his opinion: “We are witnessing “relative stability” with an increase in the price of MHCS of between 5 and 15 c/kg. We feel that the gap is widening between companies who manage to push their price points higher and others, particularly those whose sales are aimed at super and hypermarkets”.

The increase in grape sales continues

Other trading firms have not yet taken a clear position, but brokers believe that none should go higher than the MHCS increase, except for highly sought-after vineyards such as “clos”. In this, the year when marketing contracts are renewed, the share of grapes sold by winegrowers to trading firms should increase slightly. The predominant role played by the grape market has consequences on the still wine market, which could decline, and particularly on the market for wine being matured on laths, which is described as sluggish by brokers.



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