In five years, the price of French barrels has increased by 11%.

Monday October 28 2019 by Vitisphere

Since 2014, France has been the leading market for French barrels, ahead of the United States.Since 2014, France has been the leading market for French barrels, ahead of the United States. - Photo credit : DR

In 2018, the 58 members of the French Cooperage Federation marketed 670,000 casks worldwide worth 475.6 million euros, equating to increases of 2% by volume and 3% by value. The trend confirms the increase in prices of French barrels, which trade for an average 710 euros (+2% in a year). Since 2015, the average price of a French barrel has increased by 11% (see graph below).

Compared with the increase in overheads, the price rise is moderate, claim the coopers. “This represents an increase of approximately 2% per year, which is not out of the ordinary considering the need to cover increases in salaries, stoppages and particularly wood (up 40% over the same period)”, Jean-Luc Sylvain, chairman of the French coopers’ federation, told Vitisphere.

One third France, two thirds exports

In 2018, exports, “the main outlet [for French barrels,] were relatively stable”, according to a press release, which added: “The growth in the global market for new barrels is mainly due to a development in sales in France”. The industry has reverted to higher-volume crops, in the aftermath of the small 2017 vintage, which was negatively impacted by one of the worst frosts ever. Demand has similarly been strong in Burgundy and Cognac, due to the healthy economy there.





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