Vignobles de Vendéole gets off the ground

Thursday September 12 2019 by Vitisphere

Chairman Dominique Farail and Olivier Ambry, director of Vignobles de Vendéole.Chairman Dominique Farail and Olivier Ambry, director of Vignobles de Vendéole. - Photo credit : DR

Stemming from the merger between the Malepère and Razens co-operatives, Languedoc-Roussillon’s largest co-operative winery unveiled its new name and logo on Thursday 5 September. Vignobles de Vendéole is now the shared banner for 352 co-operative wine growers and will support their ambitions for the future.

Vendéole epitomises this region’s identity. Home to two different climates – Mediterranean in the East and Atlantic in the West – it is also the point where two opposing winds meet: the Marin from the East and the westerly Cers wind”, explained committee members. “Winegrowers who adhere to the winds of change have a firm rooting in their era, are resolute in their commitment to protecting the environment, show consideration for the challenges of sustainability within society and aim to build an economic model that generates value”, added chairman Dominique Farail. A slightly offbeat film directed by Luc Plissonneau was screened at the end of the evening and clearly illustrated the commitment of the co-operative winegrowers to the new structure.

Vignobles de Vendéole have 352 members who farm 4,700 ha of vines from the foothills of the Montagne Noire to those of the Pyrenees. A major co-operative winery player, it produces 340,000 hl in an average year, labelled as PDO Cabardès and Malepère, PGI Oc varietals and PGI Cité de Carcassonne and Pays d'Aude/Côtes de Prouilhe.





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