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Miren de Lorgeril claims Languedoc is leading region for rosé wines

Par Vitisphere Le 26 juillet 2019
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Miren de Lorgeril claims Languedoc is leading region for rosé wines
Miren de Lorgeril, chair of the CIVL: “We are creating a Languedoc rosé phenomenon? - crédit photo : Anne Schoendoerffer

Languedoc is the leading rosé producer region in France and worldwide”, said Miren de Lorgeril at a press conference held at the headquarters of the Languedoc wine marketing board (CIVL) in Narbonne on 12 July 2019. Languedoc boasts several attributes, primarily its wide array of wines, ranging from easy-drinking to festive and top-end wines, along with grape varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault) which match consumer demand. And that demand is experiencing a meteoric rise. “It's easy to drink and can be shared with anyone. It sits more easily in the refreshing drinks category alongside beer and soft drinks...” explained the board’s chair. Bottled sales of AOC Languedoc rosé have surged by 32% in 5 years. Export markets are opening up, in Northern Europe and the United States for example, where demand has risen from 3% in 2009 to 12% in a decade. “And the market is increasingly experiencing premiumisation, especially this year”, said Jerome Villaret, the CIVL's Secretary General.

Rosé wines represent 18% of Languedoc production

Following the recommendations of its economics committee which it has revived, the CIVL wants to send out a clear message on stabilising rosé production and controlling red wine output for the 2019 harvest. This, according to the clear wording of the economic blueprint for Languedoc appellations and southern France PGIs is to “avoid overproduction of red wine in the major Languedoc AOCs by volume”. Both regionally and nationwide, red wines are suffering from a worrying drop in loadings. The ultimate observation is clear: Languedoc can produce rosé volumes over a wide quality spectrum. “We are creating a Languedoc rosé phenomenon”, added Miren de Lorgeril.




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