Saget La Perrière completely revamps its head office in Pouilly-sur-Loire

Thursday July 04 2019 by Vitisphere

Saget La Perrière owns 320 hectares of vineyards.Saget La Perrière owns 320 hectares of vineyards. - Photo credit : Saget

A major investment is in the pipeline at Saget-La Perrière. The family business has made a pledge to invest around €10 million over the next three years in modernising its production facilities in Pouilly-sur-Loire (Nièvre). “We plan to repair the buildings, change production equipment and increase the potential tank capacity from 23 to 35,000 hl”, explained Arnaud Saget, managing director of the company he manages with his brother Laurent, and their father Jean-Louis.

320 ha of owned vineyards

Originating in the vineyards of the Centre-Loire region, the company - built up over nine generations - has gradually followed the course of the Loire and recently spread into the Nantes region. It buys wine, particularly Vins de France, and also farms 320 hectares of vines in the Loire Valley spread over seven estates from Nantes to Pouilly-sur-Loire. It posted revenue of €18 million in 2018, including 3 million from tourism alone, generated by its three hotels, including the Panoramic on the hill at Sancerre.

The fruits of their latest acquisition were presented at Vinexpo in Bordeaux this year. In 2017, the Saget family took over a 15-hectare estate in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique). Under the brand name Locus (meaning place in Latin), the 2018s are available as two PGI Val de Loire made from Folle Blanche (the variety used for Gros Plant) and Melon (the variety used for Muscadet), along with a Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine.





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