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Discover the 5 innovation awards at Viteff 2019

Par Vitisphere Le 25 juin 2019
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Discover the 5 innovation awards at Viteff 2019
Sofia Ribeiro (left) event manager at the Marne Chamber of Commerce and Nolwenn Desmaret-Quisnel, director of economic development at the Epernay Champagne agglomeration community, presented the recipients of the Innovation Awards organised as part of Viteff. - crédit photo : Christelle Stef

n June 20, Viteff, which takes place from October 15 to 18 in Epernay, released the names of the recipients of its Innovation Awards.

In the Viticulture category, Vitibot was awarded for Bakus, a 100% electric and self-propelled robot currently used for tillage.

In the Winemaking category, the award went to Oenoconcept for Remulab, an analysis device which allows the pattern and movement of sediment to be visualised in real time on a control bottle during riddling. The riddling programme can thus be optimised and then plugged onto the gyropalette.

In the Technology Innovation category, LBM Industries won the award with its box packing robot. The robot can pack bottles in lay-flat boxes in such a way that the label always faces towards consumers when they open the box.

In the Marketing-Services category, EOS won with Harmony, a metal over-cap for large format bottles, particularly Jeroboams.

The panel’s favourite was Melan Moutet for its Yo wire cap. The cap is unique in that it only has three tabs whereas the classic cap has four. “The weight of the wire cap is thus reduced by 15 to 20%”, said Nolwenn Desmaret-Quisnel.


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