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Bordeaux wine industry elected representative accused of fraud

Par Vitisphere Le 24 juin 2019
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Bordeaux wine industry elected representative accused of fraud
“I am not complaining about being targeted, I must set an example?, said Hervé Grandeau. “We never intended to defraud?, added Régis Grandeau. - crédit photo : Château Lauduc

ordeaux’s most prominent winegrower, as chairman of the Bordeaux Fine Wine Federation (FGVB), Hervé Grandeau is feeling the heat of the French legal system. He is being sued for “deception regarding the nature, genuine quality and origin” as well as corruption and falsification of 5,900 hectolitres of wine between 2010 and 2014 (worth €1.37 million), along with his brother Régis Grandeau. Prosecutors were on the war path on June 20 in the Fourth Chamber of the Bordeaux Criminal Court.

Representing the public prosecutor, Anne Kayanakis, called for “significant” convictions of 200-250,000 euros and 1.5 million euros against SCEA Vignobles Grandeau and the marketing company SARL Maison Grandeau Lauduc, as well as 300,000 euros and 3 to 6 months’ suspended prison sentences for their respective managers (Régis and Hervé Grandeau). In support of her case, the prosecutor condemned “an industry representative [who] failed to comply with the requirements that regulate the industry. It doesn't look good, it is a discredit and it undermines consumer confidence in the product”.




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