EPC Champagne targets Millenials with a tumbler

Thursday June 20 2019 by Vitisphere

The new tumbler is practical and stackable.The new tumbler is practical and stackable. - Photo credit : DR

Launched on June 11 in Paris, the EPC brand aims to give a new lease of life to Champagne conventions. “One Champagne house has successfully revolutionised the world of Champagne bottles and that is Ruinart”, said Edouard Roy, CEO of EPC. “Now, glassware can lead to innovation. By suggesting consumers drink Champagne from a tumbler (or ‘blida’), we want to make it more accessible and more relaxed”.

Different tasting experiences

The tumbler is small, practical, stackable and made from hard wearing glass, and is widely used in Champagne for informal drinking. “The bartenders we showed the tumblers to find this new way of drinking Champagne appealing”, added Edouard Roy. “It promotes a range of tasting experiences”. The price is also a draw, due to its smaller capacity (9 to 10 cl). A glass of Champagne often sells for €12 in fashionable venues, compared with €7 for the new tumbler. The new glass is reminiscent of the spirit of the marketing and PR campaign rolled out by the Champagne winegrowers' organisation. The campaign aims to make enjoying Champagne less of a ritual, by combining it with everyday food and using different types of glasses, and no longer traditional Champagne glasses.

A simple range

In addition to promoting the tumbler, EPC aims to simplify the Champagne proposition by supplying a range of three labels (extra-brut, brut and rosé) at a consumer price of €27. Only one grape variety has been selected, Chardonnay, and dosage for the labels is 3 g/l for the extra-brut and 6 g/l for the brut and the rosé.  A ‘pop-up’ range including single-vineyard Champagnes will be sold as limited editions at a price in the range of €40.





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