From Brigitte Bardot to ‘Frenchytude’, Besserat de Bellefon is revolutionising its marketing style

Wednesday June 12 2019 by Vitisphere

 The Brigitte Bardot label sells in a box set for 234 euros in France. The Brigitte Bardot label sells in a box set for 234 euros in France. - Photo credit : Bellefond

‘Freedom, elegance, simplicity’. Using three words and three colours - blue, white and a dash of red - Besserat de Bellefon is shaking up conventions, despite its long-standing history dating back to 1843. “I was asking myself a lot of questions about the future of this great company. Its image was a little too elitist, too sensible and low-profile, whereas in today’s highly competitive world, it is absolutely essential to stand out from the crowd”, said composed owner Godefroy Baijot at Vinexpo 2019. Since mid-April, the Champagne company’s 8 ranges now sport stripy liveries and epitomise ‘Frenchytude’. “The wines have not changed, the production process is the same”, said the natural candidate for the upcoming succession of his father, currently managing director of Besserat de Bellefon.

Initials BB

His objective is to reposition the company, which is renowned in the gourmet food industry and with wines served in more than 200 Michelin-starred restaurants. Godefroy started off with a blank canvas and was inspired by the firm’s initials, BB. So much so that he contacted Brigitte Bardot who, against all odds, agreed to be associated with the image of the Champagnes. “I sent a bottle to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, simply introducing myself and explaining: we are both symbols of France. Champagne symbolises the French lifestyle and you, Brigitte Bardot, epitomise French elegance”. With a lot of nerve and expertise, Godefroy pulled it off: he received about twenty Brigitte Bardot photos from the 1960s and 1970s. The campaign with these visuals will be launched abroad, mainly in the American, UK and Asian markets. But not in France, due to the Loi Evin…





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