Vines start to flower in Southern France

Tuesday May 28 2019 by Vitisphere

Flowering is starting in vineyards in Southern FranceFlowering is starting in vineyards in Southern France - Photo credit : J Cassagnes

In Languedoc (Hérault, Aude, Gard), the first flowers started to appear around May 15 on the earliest varieties, such as Marselan and Chardonnay. The Plant Health Bulletin (BSV) dated Tuesday, May 21 stated that the earliest-ripening areas and plots were at the “full bloom” stage (stage 23). Elsewhere, the most commonly observed stages are “separate floral buds” and “eleven-twelve leaves” (stage 18). In the Paca region (southern Rhone Valley and Provence), the BSV points to the appearance of the first flowers on Grenache grapes in early or very early areas. “The delay observed compared with 2018 has increased following the cool temperatures of the last 10 days.  This year is currently recorded as being more than 12 days behind 2018”.

Elsewhere in France

For Aquitaine, the “early flowering” stage only involves isolated and sheltered plots in very early-ripening areas. Otherwise, most of the plots are between the “compact buds” and the “separate flower buds” stage. Elsewhere, flowering has not yet started and vines are still at the separate flower bud stage or even earlier. Cold temperatures have not promoted growth, which is about ten days behind the “norm”.




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