Gérard Bertrand bottles his new brand in a ceramic bottle

Tuesday May 14 2019 by Vitisphere

The undeniably bold Art de Vivre bottles are made by a German company from ceramics.The undeniably bold Art de Vivre bottles are made by a German company from ceramics.

Will Gérard Bertrand's ceramic bottle be a major innovation in the wine department? The launch of the ‘Art de vivre’ brand in ceramic bottles recalling materials used to make amphora will most certainly be the stand-out packaging of 2019. Sporting etchings reminiscent of Jean Cocteau or Picasso in Vallauris (individual sensitivities will be the judge), the bottle is unlikely to go unnoticed, not only because of its colours but also because the colour of the wine is hidden.

Clairette du Languedoc

The brand is available in red (AOP Languedoc, a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre) and white, available as AOP Clairette du Languedoc Adissan. The white varietal, which shares its name with the appellation, has been grown in Languedoc since Roman Antiquity and the choice therefore aligns with the packaging. “There are 10 international grape varieties. We hope that consumers will soon be familiar with an eleventh varietal”, said Gérard Bertrand with a knowing smile at the launch of the brand on May 7 in Montpellier.  Art de Vivre is due to be marketed in all French distribution channels (supermarkets and Horeca), but the aim is also for it to conquer the global market where it will be rolled out in about ten countries initially. “Then we will develop it in the 160 countries where we are present”, said Bertrand.

An organic addition

The Clairette is supplied by the Adissan co-operative (600 ha, 40,000 hl/year), the cradle of the grape variety in Languedoc. The co-operative supplied Gérard Bertrand with around 2,000 hl of AOP Clairette du Languedoc this year, mainly from old vines. An organic alternative will be available by 2021.





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