2018, a vintage year for Champagne?

Thursday May 02 2019 by Vitisphere

“The fruit was very ripe” says Éric Taillet, a winegrower in Baslieux-sous-Châtillon (Marne). “The fruit was very ripe” says Éric Taillet, a winegrower in Baslieux-sous-Châtillon (Marne). - Photo credit : Aude Lutun

Despite frost being uppermost in everyone's mind, the atmosphere was pretty positive during the 2018 still wine tasting organised by the Printemps des Champagnes, a raft of 22 mini exhibitions spread over five days.

Éric Taillet, a winegrower in Baslieux-sous-Châtillon (Marne) and member of the Meunier Institut association, bottled his vintage at the end of January 2019 “to keep it fresh”. This unconditional Meunier winegrower is very confident about the potential of his vintage. “The fruit was very ripe”, he adds. “Ultra ripe even. With global warming, we should be able to harvest earlier”.

For Maxime Blin, a winegrower in Trigny and member of ‘Mains du Terroir’, the tastings confirm that this vintage will be truly high in quality. “These are wines that show lovely age-worthy acidity and structure. They will be released in seven to ten years’ time. Generally speaking, the wines I tasted are very good. We could have feared that, considering the volume of fruit in the vineyard, the wines may have been flatter”.

Christine Scher-Sevillano, a winegrower in Vincelles and member of ‘Champagne, terroirs, etc’, is also very satisfied with the 2018 vintage. “2016 and 2017 were challenging years. 2018 comes at the right time, offering both quantity and quality”, she says. “In 2017, we liked Meunier the most, but this year, the Pinot noir stands out.” Her 2018 vintage will be blended from 70% Pinot noir, 15% Chardonnay and 15% Meunier. “Despite our fears, there is no issue with acidity”, she concludes. “The wines will keep for eight to nine years without any problem”.



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