France’s vine growing season kicks off early

Monday April 01 2019 by Vitisphere

Bud burst is occurring in vineyards all over France.Bud burst is occurring in vineyards all over France. - Photo credit : J. Miramon

The growing season around France’s wine regions has started. Vines are back in business. In the Côte d'Or area of Burgundy, the buds are swelling, whilst in the early-developing zones (young vines, clos, field blends) they are reaching the green tip stage. “Currently, we are 10 to 12 days ahead of 2018 and 4 to 6 days behind the earliest years such as 2017, 2014 and 2012. Cool temperatures over the coming days should slow the pace”, wrote the chamber of agriculture in its first Vitiflash bulletin of the season, dated March 25.

In Jura, most Chardonnay and Poulsard vines have reached the woolly bud stage.

In Maine-et-Loire, vineyard plots range from bud swelling to green tip stages

One to two leaves unfolded at the end of canes in Bordeaux

In the vineyards of Bordeaux, the vines range on average from the woolly bud to the green tip stage. In the most advanced plots, buds are bursting and some of them at the end of the canes are even at the one to two leaves unfolded stage.

In Gascony, the season also got off to an early start. Budburst is imminent: on 26 March, stages ranged from winter bud in the less advanced plots to the green tip stage. In the earliest Chardonnay vineyards, the leaves are beginning to emerge.

But it is in the South that the vines are the furthest forward. “The Chardonnays already have two leaves unfolded”, said Bernard Taïx of Etablissements Magne, a distributor based in the Hérault area.


Bud burst is occurring in vineyards all over France.



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