Alliance Bourg puts two wineries up for sale

Friday March 29 2019 by Vitisphere

In 2017, Alliance Bourg changed its strapline from ‘Le Choeur des Bordeaux’  to ‘Ateliers des vins de Bordeaux’.In 2017, Alliance Bourg changed its strapline from ‘Le Choeur des Bordeaux’ to ‘Ateliers des vins de Bordeaux’. - Photo credit : DR

"As we have fewer hectares, we have to balance our costs. We are going to sell two wineries: Aubie-Espessas and Lansac, which are no longer of use to us”, said Christophe Doucet, chairman of Alliance Bourg. With 65 members currently, the Bordeaux co-operative now covers 450 hectares of vines, a far cry from the 1,200 hectares of 2007. Joined in 2012 by the Aubie-Espessas winery, the co-operative complex now aims to produce 29,000 hectolitres of wine (including 4,000 hl as custom crush), which is a drop in the ocean compared to the 200,000 hl of tank capacity.

Alliance Bourg has said that it is officially putting the buildings and tanks at the Lansac and Aubie-Espessas wineries up for sale for 300,000 euros and 380,000 euros respectively; the Aubie-Espessas winery is currently rented by a winemaker, who has priority over the property. Alliance Bourg is keeping its head office in Pugnac, which houses the co-operative's bottling line as well as 30,000 hl of unused tanks; the Tauriac winery with 30,000 hl of tank capacity where all the wines have been made since 2012; and its buildings in Saint-Vivien-de-Blaye, where wines are stored for shipping firms.

“Our main problem is not financial”

The departure of members to the ever-larger neighbouring winery of Tutiac and the loss of growers due to retirement has prompted Alliance Bourg to accept the need to restructure. This does not imply there are any difficulties within the firm, pointed out Christophe Doucet. “Even if sales are not booming in Bordeaux, our main problem is not financial. The issue is about maximising the potential of our sites as the number of winegrowers dwindles. For the time being, we are trying to remain independent of any other structure”, said Alliance Bourg’s chairman.





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