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Three global trends in wine production and consumption

By Vitisphere March 27, 2019
Three global trends in wine production and consumption
“Trends are not facts”, said Stuart Pigott. “Fashions are trends”, added Paula Redes Sidore, on 17 March at ProWein in Düsseldorf. - crédit photo : Alexandre Abellan

f you were unable to attend Prowein's conference on future trends in the wine industry, here are the main takeaways of the presentation by American sommelier and journalist Paula Redes Sidore (Weinstory agency) and British critic Stuart Pigott (now freelance, after working for James Suckling).

1 Vineyard adaptation to climate change

Climate change is probably the phenomenon that has the greatest impact on vineyards”, said Paula Redes Sidore. She believes adaptation solutions are not necessarily to be found in technological innovation, but in winegrowing traditions, citing the ancient technique of mixing grape varieties in the vineyard, producing field blends. “This allows the diversity of the vineyard site to be expressed, whilst giving winegrowers some leeway depending on the conditions of the vintage. It's a safety net”, said Redes Sidore.

2 Gamay and Chenin Blanc in vogue

Chenin blanc and Gamay are the coolest twins of the 21st century”, claimed Stuart Pigott. As Gamay emerges from the shadows of Beaujolais nouveau and Chenin blanc enters the spotlight, the two grape varieties are no longer underestimated and unfamiliar, but rather regaining their noble pedigree.

3 “Yes we can”: the development of canned wines

You have to consider wine in a can like wine in a new container format. The aluminium can is an alternative, but doesn’t replace glass bottles”, warned Paula Redes Sidore, treading carefully around this highly iconoclastic topic. Based on the tasting of a German Riesling from Finest Food Factory and an Oregon Pinot noir from the Union Wine Company, the sommelier stressed that some estates are positioning themselves in the quality wine segment.




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