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More and more buyers are looking for lower alcohol wines

By Vitisphere March 26, 2019
More and more buyers are looking for lower alcohol wines
’Voici mon secret’ and its super/hypermarket version ’Du neuf en Gascogne’ - crédit photo : Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

t Prowein, many companies were releasing wines with lower alcohol content. “Demand for lower alcohol wines is strong”, said Olivier Bourdet-Pees, managing director of Plaimont Producteurs. “They work well outside meals. For this type of drinking occasion, beer is growing very strongly and stealing a march over us”.

Naturally light

At the German show, the winery was launching its ‘Voici mon secret’ label (‘Du neuf en Gascogne’ in super/hypermarkets), a Côte de Gascogne with an ABV of 9%. The label describes it as “Naturally low in alcohol”, because no artificial means are used to lower alcohol content. “We produce this range from plots that tended to be downgraded or even uprooted because they produced wines that needed to be sweetened. By controlling acidity well and leaving 7 to 8 grammes of residual sugar, we can produce wines with Côtes de Gascogne character but at an ABV of around 9%”, explained Olivier Bourdet-Pees.

A response to drink problems

Also in the 9% ABV segment, Les Domaines Auriol presented its ‘Belles du Sud’ 9% range. The wines, which had already been showcased at Wine Paris, are obtained using a continuous filtration process to preserve aromatic concentration. “There is increased pressure from the authorities to prevent alcoholism. We recognise that yes, there is a problem with alcoholism and we are providing a product that addresses the issue”, claimed Claude Vialade. ‘Belles du Sud’ is designed as a summer wine – in both white and rosé – enhanced by low-shouldered bottles recalling some top-end labels.




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