Eminent and Grand Eminent Crémants gaining traction

Friday March 15 2019 by Vitisphere

A ‘Grand Eminent’ wine from Louis Bouillot.A ‘Grand Eminent’ wine from Louis Bouillot.

For the fourth year, the trade tasting of the ‘Eminent’ and ‘Grand Eminent’ Crémants de Bourgogne, stemming from the new segmentation devised in 2016 by Upec Bourgogne (Crémant de Bourgogne producers’ organisation), took place on March 9 in Dijon. Of the organisation’s 138 members, only 18 have so far used the statements during the latest marketing campaign, and around thirty labels have been certified. “The volumes they represent are more important than the number of firms”, said director Pierre du Couëdic.

Companies such as Veuve Ambal, Boisset and the Lugny and Bailly-Lapierre co-operative wineries have applied for the endorsement for some of their wines. Volumes marketed under the Eminent label represented approximately 540,000 bottles in 2017-2018, with price tags ranging from €12 to €15 per bottle. A further 65,000 bottles were sold under the Grand Eminent label, with average prices rising to €20 or even €25. “The final target will be reached when we have secured 15,000-20,000 hl for the Eminent category and 5,000 hl for Grand Eminent”, stressed du Couëdic.

Most of the volumes have so far been sold for export. There is strong interest in the American market, the primary destination for the wines, and in Canada. In the United Kingdom too, the Eminent label opens up prospects of recovery: “Crémant competes head on with Prosecco in the £10 or so price bracket, but segmentation takes it out of the mass market by providing a point of difference. Price points are higher, with bottles retailing for around £15”.





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