The most expensive wines in the world in 2018

Wednesday February 20 2019 by Vitisphere

Although Burgundy leads the way by bottle rankings, Bordeaux corners 60% of lots.Although Burgundy leads the way by bottle rankings, Bordeaux corners 60% of lots. - Photo credit : CC0 Creative Commons

There was no major change in the list of the most expensive wines sold by IdealWine last year. Burgundy cornered the market with 42 of the 50 most expensive wines, the legendary Domaine de la Romanée-Conti stealing the show with 22 of those wines. A bottle of 2005 Romanée-Conti ranked highest, fetching 16,173 euros. Other wines in the classification included six bottles from the Rhone and 2 from Bordeaux.

However, the list changes if lots are factored into the equation: 31 are fine wines from Bordeaux, 17 from Burgundy and 2 from the Rhone. According to IdealWine, the change is due to the fact that fine wines from Bordeaux are not as scarce, making them more likely to be marketed by lot. The website also notes that “unlike the Bordeaux wines on the lists, Burgundy does not necessarily involve very old vintages, as they become scarce as soon as they leave the estate”.

The Rhone makes progress

Rhone wines hold 6 of the top 50 places, compared to 2 last year. The increase is due to a single wine: the extremely rare Cathelin label (Hermitage) by Jean-Louis Chave.





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