Bergerac is starting to recover

Friday February 08 2019 by Vitisphere

From left to right: Jacques Rodriguez, chair of the FNVBSO and Marc Lecomte, chair of the IVBD.From left to right: Jacques Rodriguez, chair of the FNVBSO and Marc Lecomte, chair of the IVBD. - Photo credit : Colette Goinère

The holy union of wine marketing board, trading companies and the Bergerac-Duras wine federation convened on January 28th and spoke as one to producers and negociants in Monbazillac at an industry day. “The 2018 harvest is decent, and supplies are good. Spring was wet but quality is excellent. Things are happening in our wine region. I see the cup half full”, said Eric Chadourne, chair of the FVBD, the Bergerac-Duras wine federation. Jacques Rodriguez, who heads up the Bergerac and South-West traders’ federation FNVBSO, concurred: “In 2018, Bergerac regained its position in supermarkets. The appellation has flexed its muscle and inspired confidence”.

Prices are on the rise

Basically, market indicators seem to have turned to green.  One example is the average price of red Bergerac which stood at €913.29 / barrel for the 2016/17 campaign, rising to €1,067.81 / barrel (2017/18 campaign) and to €1,135.02 for the first five months of the current year. The amount of red Bergerac released for sale totals 190,681 hl for this season, up 4.5% compared to the previous year.  The average price of red Côtes de Duras stands at €1,073, 92 / barrel, i.e. + 4.17% compared to the previous campaign.  27,124 hl of the appellation were released from cellars, an increase of 33% compared to the year before. For Pécharmant, 1,046 hl were contracted, up 66%, and the price rose by 9.80%. 


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