French nurseries unveil their collective brand Vitipep’s

Thursday January 31 2019 by Vitisphere

With its hexagon shape ratified, the logo of the French collective trademark for vine plants has set its own slogan in motion: ‘French vine nurseries make a commitment’. Unveiled by the French federation of vine nurseries (FFPV) as part of its New Year wishes, the brand name embodies a project launched in 2017, which will only materialise in 2020 with the first plants released for sale. Its specifications have already been approved, complete with commitments to health safety, production traceability, diversity of supply and local services, amongst others.

The trade brand has been launched to provide the French wine industry with vines that meet the technical, environmental and societal challenges of tomorrow”, stressed David Amblevert, chairman of the FFPV, at last year's congress. It thus epitomises “our standards in terms of traceability and the health of our plant material, with commitment and investment of resources”.

Supported by the management association of the French nursery collective brand, it is managed by nurseries, but also by representatives of the industry and varietal selection. It symbolises implementation of the commitments made by nurseries as part of the National Vine Die-Back Plan.




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