Perpignan becomes European wine capital for 2019

Wednesday January 30 2019 by Vitisphere

This year, the ‘European city of wine’ endorsement will be shared by Perpignan, for the Roussillon wine region, and Sannio Falanghina, for the eponymous Italian appellation (in Campania). While the official Italian launch of this year's events is scheduled for 16 February in Naples and Benevento, Perpignan’s festivities kicked off on 22 January to coincide with the celebration of Saint-Vincent, the patron saint of French winegrowers.

Aiming to “leverage the image of Roussillon wines” through the endorsement, the Perpignan Tourist Information Office and Roussillon Wine Marketing Board (CIVR) “intend to position Perpignan as a hotspot for wine and gourmet foods [...], which converts visitors to its cause by letting them live the Perpignan experience”. Acting as an umbrella for events under the European city of wine title, Perpignan will host a raft of Epicurean events throughout the year that showcase its wine region. These include a gourmet food trail bringing together winegrowers and Michelin-starred chefs around five key venues across the city (June 9) and Rivesaltes cocktail evenings (Riv'Tonic in October and November). The programme will capitalise on existing events, such as the Grenaches du Monde competition, whose 800 entries will be available for tasting by the public on April 18, and the launch of Christmas Muscat on December 21-24.


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