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Friday January 11 2019 by Vitisphere

Patrice Bersac has spearheaded the drive to secure recognition for PGI Ile-de-France.Patrice Bersac has spearheaded the drive to secure recognition for PGI Ile-de-France. - Photo credit : DR

After seven years of administrative procedures, the Ile-de-France PGI had its birth certificate signed on December 5 during a meeting of the INAO National PGI Committee. However, the lengthy procedure is not over yet because the National Opposition Procedure (PNO) is due to be opened, and can still slow down the introduction of the Ile-de-France geographical indication, designed to boost wine production in Ile-de-France. “We are keeping a low profile because we have to go all the way through with the procedure. We will be delighted when we have the first bottles labelled PGI”, comments Patrice Bersac, who led the project as chairman of the Ile de France wine growers’ association Syvif.

Still wines

The PGI covers the historic Ile-de-France region, i.e. around 380 localities. A buffer zone between the PGI and Champagne production areas, where the PGI cannot be produced, is planned. The zone will protect Champagne from any misuse of notoriety. Additionally, the PGI’s specifications only provide for still red, white and rosé wines.

Planting disease-resistant vines

Forty-six producers are in the starting blocks, ready to produce their first wines in 2019 (if the opposition procedure does not suspend the PGI). Most of them, around three-quarters, are farmers interested in diversifying their production to include wine growing. They will be able to choose their vines from a list of 83 grape varieties, some of them long-standing disease-resistant varieties such as Maréchal Foch.  Plans also include incorporating the twelve new disease-resistant varieties recently added to the official catalogue, perhaps as early as 2019. The aim for the PGI Ile-de-France is to focus on these disease-tolerant grape varieties in a bid to protect the environment.





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