Bordeaux and German wines roll out joint promotion activities

Friday January 04 2019 by Vitisphere

Still in the process of being finalised, the joint German-Bordeaux promotional thrust should be launched in spring 2019.Still in the process of being finalised, the joint German-Bordeaux promotional thrust should be launched in spring 2019. - Photo credit : DR

Despite its low-key name of Bordeus, the joint promotion programme rolled out in the American market by the Bordeaux Wine Marketing Council (CIVB) and the German Wine Institute (DWI) boasts a colossal budget of 9.8 million euros for 2019-2021. 80% subsidised by European aid for multi-country promotion (€7.8 million), the campaign will cost the CIVB and the DWI less than €1 million each. Bordeaux wines expect a 25% increase in spontaneous consumer awareness and a 35% increase in sales in the six targeted states, i.e. California, Oregon and Nevada on the West coast, along with South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

But not the State of New York, “a sandbox saturated with wines from across the world” explains François Jumeau, the CIVB's marketing director. In search of ways to accelerate the development of Bordeaux wines in the American market, the region’s marketing board is teaming up with German wines. “Our objectives are to engage and educate importers and wholesalers, to educate ambassadors and to convert awareness into sales by consumers”, outlines François Jumeau. The synergy, which is beneficial to both partners, is based on similar vineyard area (110,000 hectares) and equivalent market shares in the United States (less than 1% of volumes).

Enjoy, it's from Europe

The German-Bordeaux consortium is in the phase administrative formalisation with the European Agency for Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food (CHAFAEA) and is due to be finalised in early 2019. The first campaigns are planned to start in March 2019. Although no communication media have yet been produced, the basic tenet is that the European aspect of wines should be emphasised, European funding specified and the ‘Enjoy, it's from Europe’ logo displayed (see below).

With the Chinese downturn, the United States are becoming more significant and imported 196,000 bottles of Bordeaux wine in the twelve months ending September 2018, worth 275 million euros (-2% in volume and +23% in value). “The market is following a positive trend. Even if the share of imported wines is still in a minority, there is room for development”, concludes François Jumeau.



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