InVivo Wine forecasts a billion euros in turnover by 2025

Thursday January 03 2019 by Vitisphere

Frédéric Noyère, the new CEO of InVivo Wine.Frédéric Noyère, the new CEO of InVivo Wine. - Photo credit : InVivo Wine

Frédéric Noyère, who joined InVivo Wine's executive board in September, presented the ambitions of InVivo's wine division, just three years after its creation. Revenue at the end of June 2017 totalled €237.3 million. It is expected to double in three years and reach 1 billion euros by 2025.

Ecological development

InVivo Wine's strategy is in line with that of the group, which focuses on internationalisation, innovation and digital technology, promoting not only economic but also ecological development, while showing deference to people and the planet. “We want to be a leader in cutting-edge areas such as organic, HVE and other sustainable initiatives”, he said.

A new structure

InVivo's base of 21 French co-operatives, complemented by Cordier and Mestrezat in 2015, consolidated its framework with the acquisition in 2017 of Baarsma Wines, a major marketer in Northern Europe, and the creation of the InVivo Asia and InVivo America subsidiaries. The group’s organisation has been reviewed on the basis of customer needs and is now structured around three divisions: Fine Wines, Distribution and Services.

In the Fine Wine department, Mestrezat in Bordeaux and Armit Wine in Great Britain generated consolidated sales of €46.9 million. There are plans to increase allocations of French Grand Crus and to incorporate flagship labels from other regions, such as Burgundy, California and Italy. The Distribution division posted consolidated sales of €155 million, including 38 million for the group’s proprietary brands (Cordier, Italian Canei frizzante, Guillaume varietal wines in Belgium, Marval Vins de France in North America).  In the Services sector, Wine Excel, the Dutch bottling unit from Baarsma, with an annual capacity of 70 million bottles, achieved consolidated turnover of €35 million.





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