French wines spearhead the global boxed wine market

Thursday December 13 2018 by Vitisphere

France is the leading bag-in-box exporter country by value.France is the leading bag-in-box exporter country by value.

World trade in wines packaged in 2 to 10-litre bag-in-boxes totalled 4.3 million hectolitres worth €588.9 million in the twelve months ending June 2018. This represents an increase of 4% in volume and 9% in value respectively compared with the previous year, according to customs data compiled by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMV). Trade in boxed wine has been differentiated since 2017 by the customs code 220422. The figures show that bag-in-boxes have continued to grow, now accounting for 2% of the volumes and 4% of the value of wines traded worldwide.

France is the leading bag-in-box exporter country by value (with €99.5 million) and the fourth by volume (after South Africa, Australia and Germany). French boxed wines account for one-sixth of the value and one-tenth of volumes exported worldwide. With an average price of 2.33 euros/litre, French boxed wines have a higher price tag than the global average (€1.37 /l), but not as high as some other producer countries (€3.61/l for Switzerland, €3.12 /l for Austria...) and countries that re-export the wines (€2.50/l for the Netherlands...). In terms of market share by value, France is a key player in Switzerland (44% of imported boxed wines), the United States (29%) and the United Kingdom (25%).



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