The vitality of the rosé market gets glassmakers’ creative juices flowing

Wednesday December 12 2018 by Vitisphere

Glassmakers are innovating to give rosé wines modern bottles with a distinctive design.Glassmakers are innovating to give rosé wines modern bottles with a distinctive design. - Photo credit : DR

To meet the standards of the premium market for rosé wines, whose packaging is increasingly elaborate, glassmakers are launching a raft of new white glass bottle models.

For example, O-I is releasing a new range, ‘Garance’, in an extra-white shade for the premium rosé market. It has a low body and a very long neck, with a ‘slender’ figure, adding a ‘feminine’ touch. The glassmaker is also marketing a version with an engraved bottom, to create light effects (opposite is the ‘Shape’ punt), available in 75 cl and magnum formats.

New Bruni glass and Verallia releases

In the same spirit, Bruni Glass recently launched the ‘Audrey’ model and Verallia the ‘Calliope’ bottle (photo 2, right), which has a “fashionable rib shape”; they too have a slender neck. An indentation on the punt makes it customizable.

Verallia is also marketing ‘Paris Vin Diamant’, a model initially designed for Champagne and now available for still wines, particularly rosé. The bottle has rounded shoulders, a slightly ‘plump’ body and a punt to create a light effect on the wine.

Saverglass opts for heavy bottles

Saverglass is launching two heavy bottles, ‘Bourgogne terroir’ and ‘Bourgogne Cru Classé’ (photo 3), designed for ultra-premium wines. They both share the same imposing and low body diameter, giving them a good ‘base’. Their neck is long and slender, a shape that is definitely very popular at the moment.



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