+ 30% for prices of bulk Côtes-de-Provence rosé

Tuesday December 11 2018 by Vitisphere

Côtes-de-Provence is facing an unprecedented price hike.Côtes-de-Provence is facing an unprecedented price hike. - Photo credit : Creative Commons CC0

The price of Côtes-de-Provence rosé is experiencing an unprecedented surge. “The campaign started on a high note at the beginning of November at €350 /hl”, announced Jean-Pierre Tissot, a broker in the Var area. “This is an increase of almost 30% on last year. A large part of the trade was out of stock and needed to replenish inventories to supply its export markets where demand is still as strong as ever”. Tissot said that 80% of volumes could come under contract before Christmas. The first boats for the United States, the leading market for Côtes-de-Provence rosé exports, are loaded between December 10 and 15.

The scale of the upsurge has surprised everyone

All our wines are reserved and our customers who sell in export markets have already started to load wines”, said Gérard Monges, director of the Lou Bassaquet co-operative winery in Trets, which markets 85% of its wines (34,000 hl in 2018) in bulk. “We were allowed to produce 5 hl/ha more than last year, but we only harvested 1,000 hl more than in 2017 because we were hit by hail and mildew”.

The season has all the ingredients for an increase in the price of the appellation’s wines: low inventories and a mixed harvest”, commented Philippe Brel, director of Estandon Vignerons. “However, the scale of the upsurge has surprised everyone! At this price level, we will find it difficult to support our product listings in export markets and even less so in the French market, where we have already reduced promotions significantly this year”.


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