New downturn for Beaujolais Nouveau

Monday November 19 2018 by Vitisphere

Beaujolais nouveau, a wine whose success with consumers is gradually diminishing....Beaujolais nouveau, a wine whose success with consumers is gradually diminishing.... - Photo credit : Juliette Cassagnes

The 2018 bulk campaign for Beaujolais and Beaujolais-villages primeur wines was again marked by a decline in volumes traded. A total of 133,000 hectolitres of wine were traded on 7 November 2018, compared with 145,000 hl last year. The bulk market therefore continues to slowly deteriorate despite the efforts of the marketing board. “We would like to see it stabilise, but we haven't yet found the key”, said vice-chairman David Ratignier.

Reasons for this include the downturn in exports, once again, to Japan, a long-standing customer of Beaujolais Nouveau. “We are competing on store shelves with regional primeur wines, which are confusing Japanese consumers”, he explained. The recent storms that have hit the country also have a direct impact on wine consumption. Another explanation is that last year, buyers made "hedge" purchases for around 3,000 hl, which they did not renew this year.

2 appellations but 1 price

The loss of volume only involves the Beaujolais appellation, which dropped by 11,500 hl, while the Beaujolais-villages appellation remains stable at 51,500 hl. It seems that over time, the average prices of the two AOCs are tending to fall and meet each other in the middle, with the first AOC falling less quickly than the second. Prices currently stand at €197 /hl for the Beaujolais appellation and €200 /hl for Beaujolais-villages.





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