2.0 communications: Champagne wine growers successfully charm Millennials by surprising them

Tuesday November 13 2018 by Vitisphere

 'We are also considering whether to work on cocktail suggestions”, said Maxime Toubart. 'We are also considering whether to work on cocktail suggestions”, said Maxime Toubart. - Photo credit : SGV

Maxime Toubart, chairman of the Champagne Winegrowers’ Association (SGV) and Maxime Blin, rapporteur of the region’s development committee, were ostensibly delighted as they presented the results of the Ipsos survey on marketing and PR activities launched in June 2018. Their gambit was daring and took the form of four simple visuals, showing a glass of Champagne alongside a hard-boiled egg, a sardine, an artichoke and a camembert cheese. The results of the Ipsos survey of 300 people aged 18 to 60 show that it has clearly paid off.

The survey shows that 85% of 25-49 year olds find the campaign offbeat, with an average of 66%. Men aged 25-49 were the biggest fans of the campaign. "The visuals are surprising but not displeasing”, said Maxime Blin. “The campaign does not follow classic conventions but people like it”. 7,000 posters were displayed in June 2018 on bus shelters and newsstands, followed by a further 5,000 in September. The SGV has also been very active on Facebook and Instagram, with visuals and videos featuring other suggestions for Champagne pairings.

The initial brief was clear: surprise people”, said Maxime Toubart. “Some viewed it as an attack on classic Champagne conventions. The target was not 50-year-old winegrowers, but Millennials (25-45 years old). We are satisfied with the results, but we must continue and ramp up our efforts. And there must be purchase conversion”.  The budget for the thrust totalled €4 million and will be renewed in 2019 and 2020. Four new visuals will be chosen for the next wave of posters that will be released in June 2019. The SGV is considering extending digital communications to neighbouring Belgium and Luxembourg and French-speaking countries, as well as to major foreign cities where Champagne is drunk.


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