Alsace champions biodynamic wine growing, and is publicising it!

Tuesday November 06 2018 by Vitisphere

Alsace has 880 hectares of vines farmed using biodynamic techniques.Alsace has 880 hectares of vines farmed using biodynamic techniques. - Photo credit : CIVA

Biodynamic wine growing is bringing grist to Alsace’s mill, and is why the Alsace marketing council (CIVA) hosted a tasting of fifty Alsace wines made from biodynamic grapes at the Alsace visitor centre in Paris on October 29. “Alsace has pioneered biodynamic wine growing. We must stop being shy and let the world know”, said Gilles Neusch, director of the council. Of the 2,551 hectares* farmed organically in 2017, 880 ha were certified biodynamic. Eighteen estates comply with Biodyvin specifications and fifty with those of Demeter. Eight have dual certification. Biodynamically farmed vines therefore account for 5.6% of the total in Alsace. “This share makes the Alsace wine region European champion in this category. It can be proud to be in the vanguard of an approach that shows respect for the environment”, added Philippe Bouvet, CIVA’s new marketing director.


*Alsace boasts 15,500 hectares under vine.



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