Rosé purchases surge at the beginning of the buying campaign

Friday November 02 2018 by Vitisphere

Low inventories at the start of the buying campaign are prompting some marketers to buy early.Low inventories at the start of the buying campaign are prompting some marketers to buy early. - Photo credit : DR

The first transactions for the 2018 vintage have begun in Languedoc, driven by strong demand for rosés. In Hérault, the Montblanc co-operative winery, where 60% of output is rosé, has already sold 7,000 hl of must and 7,200 hl of finished wine. “Our first finished wine tanker left on October 3 and since then we have had loadings every day. 6,000 hl were delivered in 10 days”, said director David Reverbel. Prices remained stable or even rose slightly for some qualities. “Buyers have stuck to the prices of the last buying campaign, but for the bulk of the volumes, the current campaign has not yet really started”, said Louis Servat, regional chairman of the broker’s organisation.

Loadings begin for contracted wine

The Lédignan co-operative winery in Gard has also already started to supply its customers “We have already delivered 750 hl of Chardonnay and 500 hl of rosé to Castel, as part of our contract at fixed prices over three years: €80 for rosé and €100 for Chardonnay”, said Anthony Bafoil, the winery’s chairman.  At l'Ormarine, director Cyril Payon also released the first wines from the 2018 harvest. "Our base wines for sparkling were loaded at the beginning of October, and we have started to deliver about 4,500 hl of rosé, which is 10% of our production”.

Since the beginning of October, rosé transaction volumes have reached 14,600 hl for non-GI wines and 110,000 hl for PGI including 91,200 hl of PGI Pays d’Oc, according to statistics published by Draaf Occitanie.






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