Raisin, the app listing 3,000 natural wine bars worldwide

Tuesday October 16 2018 by Vitisphere

The start-up Raisin was co-founded by Jean-Hugues Bretin, who has just joined WineTech.The start-up Raisin was co-founded by Jean-Hugues Bretin, who has just joined WineTech. - Photo credit : Raisin

Tasking itself with enabling users to “drink natural wine across the globe”, the start-up Raisin describes itself as the "only app that geolocates every bar, winery and restaurant in over 35 countries that serves at least 30% natural wine”. Launched in 2016, the app lists 3,000 outlets and 1,350 wine growers. While producer applications are easy to validate, points of sale are only listed after an analysis of their wine lists using an algorithm. Even if a wine bar serves less than 30% natural wines, it can still be listed along with the statement “fewer than 30%” if there are no other establishments nearby.

Creating a community around natural wines, Raisin was co-founded by Jean-Hugues Bretin, who is a fervent believer in "ethical and responsible drinking". In a statement, the entrepreneur predicted that “natural wine is the future of wine; today it is the only viable type of wine growing that combines respect for the environment and consumers”. He also stressed that the niche has significant economic potential, expected to reach 5% of global wine sales by 2020.

Free with no advertising

A spin-off from the Parisian blog ‘On boit quoi ce soir’, the Raisin app is free and has no advertising thanks to a series of fundraising campaigns. It is available in three languages (English, French and Japanese) on IOS and Android platforms; it is reserved for people over 17 on Apple and requires parental consent for Google.



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