Three upcoming trends in the wine market

Tuesday September 25 2018 by Vitisphere

François Collache, Sopexa's Drinks Market Manager, presents the main trends in the global wine market over the next two years.François Collache, Sopexa's Drinks Market Manager, presents the main trends in the global wine market over the next two years. - Photo credit : Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

What are the possible evolutions that will mark the wine market over the next five years? With likely competition between producer countries on one side and growing product categories on the other, Sopexa's Wine Trade Monitor predicts some changes over the next two years.


1 Italy asserts itself

When asked which origin is the most effective in terms of image, 64% of people answered France. Italy received 13% of responses, but this number doesn’t tell the whole story. A closer look reveals the rising power of appeal of Italy as a source of wine. Firstly, in Canada, Italy is the country of origin that is expected to increase the most in the next two years (for 50% of respondents). In China and Hong Kong, Italian wines are also growing strongly despite the fact that they got off to a late start in conquering these markets.


2 Regional segmentation becomes the global benchmark

Regional segmentation is now predominant”, says François Collache, Sopexa's drinks market manager. The segmentation was not as clearly perceived in Sopexa's previous surveys, but now it seems to have been adopted by international distributors and consumers. Regional wines are the category perceived as the one that will grow the fastest for 44% of respondents, ahead of organic and biodynamic wines (32% of respondents), grape varieties (24% of respondents) and branded wines (10% of respondents).


3 A boost for white wines

Although the signal is still weak, it seems that white wines have a bright future ahead of them. “We are seeing more and more interest in white wines with a tendency to broaden the ranges by colour”, points out François Collache. The Loire and Marlborough Valley (New Zealand) are considered to be the two regions most likely to develop the colour, their promising future mainly due to the clarity of their proposition.





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