The summer recess kicks in

Wednesday July 11 2018 by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

- Photo credit : Christelle Stef

The French wine industry is already on summer vacation! At least from a political perspective. The major bill on farming and food, which has been the topic of debate for several weeks in the lower and upper houses of parliament, will be adopted in the autumn. Both houses seem divided over the bill, delaying its adoption and thereby leaving French wine industry members more time to make their case stronger. The issue they will have to be most vigilant over is ecological transition. The lower house of parliament and the government have made it clear they aim to move the issue forward rapidly. French producers, however, are asking for more time – if only to secure effective solutions. They are also worried about the increasing influence and power wielded by environmental associations. Although the French wine industry has taken on board the need for change and wants to progress environmentally, it is being harried by the political pressure that has been unleashed over the past few months in France.




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