Spanish and French wine industries reach mutually beneficial agreement

Friday June 22 2018 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : DR

The Franco-Spanish wine-growing joint committee emerged during the height of cross-border trade tensions in 2016 and 2017 but has gone on to reach a more cordial and studious level of understanding. On June 12 in Madrid at the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of the French and Spanish wine industries presented their shared economic observatory project with a single voice.

The platform is designed to enable "data on surface area, volumes, prices and market monitoring to be shared”, as stated in a press release by the four French organisations involved. They went on to specify that “the decision will allow the market to be monitored and objectified over the months and years to come, which is the essential prerequisite for a more constructive relationship between the two countries and for generating value”.

In addition to discussing the adaptation of vineyards to climate change, the two delegations took advantage of attendance by their respective agricultural administrations to question them on the draft reform of the Common Agricultural Policy presented by the European Commission. Requesting “continued support programmes for the wine sector… in constant euro terms” and conservation of “industry-specific regulations”, the two sectors advocated for the specific nature of wine growing to be recognised heading into the future. In other words, they want to see dedicated regulations and budgets.


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