A whole world waiting to become boxed wine converts

Tuesday June 12 2018 by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

Changes to the customs code in 2017 have now made it possible to monitor global trade in boxed wines (from 2 to 10 L). The first figures have just been revealed, offering a snapshot of the market which suggests that the format’s potential is being largely under-exploited. Australia, South Africa and Germany are the three leading export countries, sharing about half of international trade. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them challenged by the countries of South America such is their marketing appeal. From a consumer perspective, Scandinavia with Sweden and Norway is, not surprisingly, the main market for boxed wines. The under-representation of other major wine consuming markets raises questions, as just six countries import nearly 60% of total volumes. Also, the absence of Asian markets, which are booming, suggests that the format still has plenty of room for development.







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