France invited to the European Wine Growers' Cup

Tuesday June 12 2018 by Vitisphere

For the second consecutive Vino Euro, the Slovenian team won the final against German wine growers.For the second consecutive Vino Euro, the Slovenian team won the final against German wine growers. - Photo credit : VinoEuro

On June 2, Slovenian wine growers won the Vino Euro final. Slovenia had organised the biennial competition this year after winning in 2016 in Germany. The next wine growers’ cup, the sixth of its kind, will be held in 2020 in the Czech Republic, where organisers hope to add new national teams to the current eight (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic).

Our dream is for France and Spain to become members, because they are two great wine and football nations”, explained Robert Lönarz, chairman of the newly formed European Union of Wine Growing Football Teams (UENFW). He admits having tried in vain to find contacts in France. “It would be great to build a French team. Our goal is for all of us together to promote the European ideal of creating a peaceful future," added the chairman of the German team (founded in 2005 at Geisenheim University). The five-day tournament is accompanied by a wine show allowing visitors to discover the specifics of wine growing in each country.

Eleven wine players

The first Vino Euro in 2010 originated due to "one idea, that of bringing together great things: wine and football. Franz Josef Jung, a football fan, wine grower and former German Defence Minister, and Italian chef Luigi Brunetti (also a football and wine fan) came up with the idea of a European championship," explained Wolfram Huonker, communications director at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. His Intervitis show sponsors the German national team: the Weinelf, or "eleven wine players”.


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