Albert Bichot III, the export evangelist, has passed away

Monday May 28 2018 by Vitisphere

Albert Bichot was the eldest sibling alongside Bernard, Bénigne and Jean-Marc.Albert Bichot was the eldest sibling alongside Bernard, Bénigne and Jean-Marc. - Photo credit : Maison Albert Bichot

Albert Bichot, a leading figure in the Burgundy wine industry, left his beloved Beaune on Wednesday 23 May at the age of 87, according to a press release issued by his family. The third family member to be named Albert Bichot, after his father and grandfather, he was the eldest of the fifth generation to run the Albert Bichot family firm. He was also instrumental in expanding exports at the Beaune negociant company.

A graduate of the Dijon Higher School of Business, he took over the sales department at Albert Bichot in the 1950s, using his knowledge of the German and English markets to establish the company abroad. Before joining the family firm in 1952, Albert Bichot had first worked for an importer in Germany and a distributor in England. According to the press statement, at the end of the 1950s, "in addition to his sales responsibilities, he took over technical management of Maison Albert Bichot until the early 1990s and became chairman of the supervisory board”.


Playing an active part in local life, as reported by the Bien Public newspaper, Albert Bichot also took over management of the Chablis committee of the Burgundy wine marketing board BIVB in the 1980s. “He believed Chablis to be a wine region with a future and development potential for Burgundy," said the press release.

Founded in 1831, Albert Bichot is now managed by the sixth generation of the family, Albéric Bichot, the nephew of the late Albert Bichot.



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